How To Avoid Developing A Pot Belly In Your Thirties

big-fat-bellyDeveloping a pot belly is something a lot of men in their thirties go through.

Once a man reaches the age of thirty, their testosterone level starts decreasing by 1% every year.

Lower testosterone levels and an unhealthy lifestyle can cause a pot belly to appear. There are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening or to get rid of your pot belly.


Six Great Ways To Keep Your Energy Level Up

jump-higherKeeping your energy levels up can be difficult as you age.

It is normal for men to experience lower energy levels due to lower testosterone levels but adopting an unhealthy lifestyle can actually make things even worse.

You should look into making a few changes to your lifestyle to boost your energy levels and live life to its fullest.


How to Spend Time with Your Children if You are a Busy Dad


An important part of men’s health is having a great relationship with your family. I know that I wanted to make more time with my young son to make things more fun for the both of us, as there are psychological and physiological benefits to nurturing one’s progeny.

Men’s health is all about being happy with all aspects of your life, so being with your child is incredibly important.

So, if you want to be happy, you should always make some time for your child even if you are busy. You should try to make some quality time with your children, whether you are in a hurry or simply swamped with work.

Here is a brief explanation about importance of Spending quality Time with your family and kids from Tina Feigal:

In fact, studies show that the average father spends just three minutes with his children each day, which is barely enough time to finish an average pop song.

You obviously do not want to make that mistake and appear like the absentee father – you want to be loving and caring towards your family. Here are some of the things you can do to spend time with your kids.

Go to a park or playgroundfather and kids playing
Children are much happier when they get to play on a playground. I like to use the park play equipment with my son, helping him climb up ladders, pushing his swing, or playing tag with him.

Sometimes, other children would join in on the fun, but other times it is just the two of us at the playground.

Playgrounds are fantastic – they allow me to bond with my son in such a casual, natural way that it brings us closer together without even trying.

Read a book together
The time before bed time is a very precious time indeed. I truly suggest reading a book together with your children while they are still young instead of watching TV or spending it on the internet.

There are many beautiful story books available and you can really get creative with them. Best of all, this is a great time for busy dads because sending your kids to sleep and reading them a book usually does not take too long – you can then do whatever you want after your child has gone to bed.

Have dinner together
It is very surprising how many dads do not have dinner together with their child. I always make it a point to be home by dinner, so that I can have dinner with my family, especially my young dinner

I always enforce specific rules so that everyone can enjoy dinner together in peace. I do not allow phones on the table, and I do not allow the telly to be on while having dinner.

Make it a point to converse with your children during dinner time – ask about their day, do small talk, and just talk about something fun. Avoid bringing up your work and your stress at the office because children will often not understand anyway. Make dinner time about your family, not about yourself.

Using Industrial Rack Guards for Your Gym Equipment

Gym BarbellI was reading through the A-Safe website, a company that specialises in safety barriers and bollards, because I wanted to check their flexible rack guards for my gym equipment. One of my friends from the men’s health club said that he purchased a few rack guards from the A-safe website to use on his gym equipment to prevent dents and bumps. It deflects impact and keeps his gym equipment safe and sound.

I noticed how good they looked and decided to check out the A-safe site for my own rack guards. They are great for preventing damage to my metal gym equipment and they look better and sturdier than simply wrapping foam around my racks and shelving for my weights. While I know that the rack guards are mostly used for industrial settings, I thought that buying some for my personal use would be okay too.

Why you should apply rack guards to your gym equipment
MachinesGym equipment is made of metal and will easily get dented up if you are not careful with it. I have a friend who accidentally bumped his bench while wheeling around his barbell set. It left a nasty dent, which not only looks unattractive, but could possibly make his bench structurally unsound.

After all, gym equipment, though made with industrial grade steel, is meant to carry extremely heavy loads. Any dents and damages to its structure should be approached with caution, because it can cause serious injury if the frame suddenly gives up.

Dents will also lower the resale value of your gym set – if you ever want to sell your gym equipment to purchase a newer, more expensive set, you will want to keep your equipment in pristine condition. Take care of it and avoid paint chips and dents.

The easiest way to keep your gym equipment in good condition is to keep it clean by regularly wiping it down before and after you use it, and to apply flexible plastic or rubber rack guards. The rack guards will fit over most metal vertical columns and bars so you should be able to apply it around your gym’s frame easily. It prevents scratches and bumps by cushioning and covering the area.

Find a company that offers bespoke protection products
Gym EquipmentWhat I like about the A-safe site is that they offer bespoke options for their rack guards. I liked how flexible they were and how they absorbed the impact from practically any side, but since they specialise in warehouse and airport settings, most of their sizes were simply to big for what I planned to use them for.
So I ordered shorter, slimmer rack guards from them that would fit on my gym equipment. Since I have a whole gym room to fill, I ordered bespoke pieces for each of my weights sets.

Once I received my order, I could not wait to try them. They all fit perfectly based on my specifications and looked amazing.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Have you ever heard of the phrase “a dog is a man’s best friend”? For me, this is true. I have a black Labrador Retriever named Puck, and he has supported me through thick and thin (quite literally, as I have lost a lot of weight since I got him as a puppy. I used to be overweight in my youth.).

Black Labrador Retriever Playing

While men’s health and fitness is my speciality, I also care about the animals that serve as our companions. I know that my dog has provided me with support and comfort even during my lowest days – Puck has always managed to get me excited to go on my morning run even if I was feeling too sleepy to wake up. He is always so full of infectious energy!

Now, keeping your dog healthy is important if you want them to have a good life. After all, you should care not only about your own health, but the health of your loved ones as well – this includes your dog.Beagle in the Grass

Feed them right

You should always buy healthy pet food to make sure that your pet is getting the nutrition it needs. I always purchase organic, grain free pet food for Puck, making sure that I get the variety that is formulated for big dogs.

Feeding Your Dog Right

Most pet foods will contain a lot of fat and fillers such as grain, which has little to no nutritional benefits for your dog. That is why I opt for organic pet food, because they use better ingredients with no chemical fillers and animal by-products.

Control your pet’s food portions

Believe it or not, many pet obesity is every bit as widespread as human obesity. The combination of low quality dog food and large food portions have made many dogs overweight, so much so that it is affecting their health. Low quality food is akin to giving your dog fast food, so buy healthy, grain free products made out of human grade ingredients instead.

How To Feed A Dog

Every dog has different feeding requirements, but it is a good idea to feed them according to their body weight. Dogs should eat anywhere between two to three meals a day. Most dog food packets have a feeding guide included in the pack.

Provide a constant supply of clean water

You should always provide your pet with a constant supply of clean water. Do not give them milk or fruit juices as these are very unhealthy for your pet and can cause vomiting and diarrhoea. Give them clean, fresh water, preferably the filtered variety to ensure that it is free of chlorine and other chemicals.

Some dogs may drink too fast or too much that it causes bloating. If your dog gets bloated, serve them small amounts of water throughout the day.

Exercise your dog

Golden Retriever Running

Always make sure that your dog gets enough exercise. I usually go out jogging with Puck, so both of us receive proper amounts of exercise. You can also play fetch, play tug of war, or any activity that will get your dog out and moving about.

Rejuvenation for Golfers

Any hard working man will meet a wall and want to relax, especially after a long day of working.

Golfing is a popular activity for working men who just want to experience a bit of rejuvenation after a stressful moment.

2I cannot stress the importance of relaxation for your well-being.

Stress can affect your mood, your energy levels, and even the quality of your sperm, leading to lowered libido and unhappiness in the bedroom.

Rejuvenation is important for men’s health as well, as it helps increase the quality of your life.

This article discusses how a golfer can rejuvenate himself and achieve peace and happiness, especially if he is a golfer.

Go on a golfing holiday in Belgium

Belgium is a beautiful country and it is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday.

Since it is quite close to England, you will not have to spend too much on airfare.

You can look at some golfing holidays in Belgium, which feature lush fields and beautiful countryside.

Belgium is the perfect destination for golfers who are looking for relaxing, refreshing environments for their next golfing trip.

Belgium is filled with idyllic landscapes and has a cool, mellow weather which makes it ideal for spending entire afternoons on the golf course.

The weather is not too hot or too cold.

Invite your romantic partner to go golfing

Golfing with your romantic partner is a great way to take the edge away.

Being with someone you love releases oxytocin, which is proven to be relaxing and calming.

Golfers who are on holiday will enjoy their game more if they play with someone that they care about.

The conversations and the company makes it very worthwhile.

Go to a spa after a long day of golfing


Many golf courses now offer spa treatments for those who wish to cool down after a long day on the green.

You can go for saunas, hot baths, and massages, often offered near the course.

This is perhaps the easiest way to rejuvenate as a golfer, because it allows you to kick back and relax.

Golfers in particular can benefit from foot massages as they are on their feet the whole day.

Back and shoulder massages are also beneficial, as it loosens up the tense muscles that you use while making a swing or putting.

Sun Reprieve Facials

Golfers are more likely to experience sun burn because of all the time that they spend outside.

If you feel that you have had too much sun, there are special facials for men that will help heal sore, sun burnt skin.

It will soothe irritation and help you get healthy skin.

Golfing is a great activity but it is always best if used to help you relax and enjoy life.

A golfing holiday in Belgium or somewhere else is always the perfect thing to get you back on track.

Rejuvenation is good for the health, especially for men who have high stress jobs.

Why Working Out is Still Important

Okay, for this post I’ll be using my uncle as a case study. These days my uncle often complains of back pain and knee pain, amongst other things.


He worked at a sheet metal fabricators for 35 years doing a pretty physical job so he never bothered to exercise, but now that he’d retired he told me that he often suffers from quite a lot of back pain–this is his biggest concern and his most commonly occurring problem.


But at times his feet also end up hurting, and so do his other joints. In hindsight he tells me he wishes that he paid more and better attention to his health when he was younger. And this is a piece of advice that I actually often tell people.


Exercise, people! And don’t just do one kind of exercise. Of course cardio is always good. It keeps the heart healthy, the respiratory system in tip top shape, and the rest of the body in prime condition.


But of course if you want to be at your best health it is important to add some resistance training (weights) into the mix. This is what you make the most progress with.
Anyway, because a lot of people don’t seem to think that working out is necessary when you have a physical job…let me make a nice little argument about why it actually is important.



Physical Jobs Often Mean Limited Movements

Often times, physical jobs demand certain repetitive movements. This is not good, because you end up only working one set of muscles or one body part.


Thus if you want your body to be healthy, in its best condition, ready to go at any time, then it is best to make sure that you get exercise in too–so that your body will be worked evenly.


Working muscles unevenly can result in all sorts of pain later in life, simply because your body is not capable of evenly supporting its weight. This can be aggravated by bad posture, so don’t forget yours!



Physical Jobs Usually Mean One Kind of Exercise at a Time

Usually when it comes to a physical job people are only able to experience one form of exercise at a time.


It’s either they’re running around a lot, hopping from point to point to point, or they may be lifting incredibly heavy weights. It’s difficult to do both at once.


It’s a good idea to complement a physically demanding job with the form of exercise that it lacks.



Save Yourself the Future Pain

A fit body, achieved with the right balance of rest, nutrition and exercise, can save you future pain when you are older. It can also boost your immunity, keeping you less likely to get ill when the seasonal flu comes around.


The benefits of exercising far outweigh the negatives–even if you just exercise thrice a week. Cardio for twenty to thirty minutes every other day isn’t that difficult; and neither is lifting weights to build up that muscle.


And of course the bonus is you get an amazing body too–provided you don’t binge eat! Try it, you may feel so healthy you’ll never want to stop.


Take A Look at this Video about How to Start Working out at the Gym:


Finding Time for Working Out

As a parent, I’m telling you that it’s almost impossible to find the time to exercise.

In fact that is one of the most common excuses you will hear from people–”I can’t exercise because I don’t have time to”. It’s sad, but it’s true.

Most of the time people actually are too busy, but the rest of the time?


Trust me when I say it’s usually just people making excuses because they are too lazy to actually get off their bottoms to go and work out.

Truth is many people will use this type of rationalizing to avoid the gym–I know I have many times before. But I’m a changed man, lol.

So when you are trying to lose a few pounds or a few stones and you need every bit of exercise that you can get…

how do you ensure that you actually have the time to get up off your ass and get sweating?

Well…personally I like to find ways.

When there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

Okay so… here are a few things I did in order to make sure I always had time to exercise. These are things that you can do too!

Stop Procrastinating

You know the #1 reason for not working out because you ‘don’t have time to’ is procrastination, right?

A lot of people dilly dally when they are at work.

Instead of actually finishing what must be done they spend their time on Facebook or Twitter or whatever other social networking site the cool kids are on these days.

And that’s just one end of the spectrum. These days we have all sorts of things and gadgets in order to distract us.

So when I get to work in the morning I get all my social networking out of the way, then quickly turn off all gadgets or at the very least put them on silent and put them out of sight.

Less distractions means less procrastination.

Parents, Find Activities for Your Children

When I first started my journey to fitness and health I always had the children as an excuse.

I would always find myself unable to go to the gym or unable to even go for a walk because the children need to be watched and looked after.


So when I finally got more serious about getting fit I looked at some after school activities for the kids so I could go to the gym regularly.

It wasn’t easy, but I found a few that interested both me and the kids…

So I signed them up for it. No more reason to not go to the gym with regularity!

Work Out, Even if You Only Have X Amount of Time

images (38)Often people do have time to work out, but they have such a limited amount of it that it’s useless to even make an attempt to go to the gym.

If that is the case then work out at home.

There are many exercises that you can do with your own body weight–meaning you will not be needing any equipment to accomplish your work out.

Fit, healthy people always find a way to get some physical activity in their day–even if it is only 15 minutes of it at a time.

Work towards a similar habit and you will be in tip top shape in no time.

How to Start Running

After running up and down the stairs to the mezzanine floor all day at work, I realized that I could use a bit more work when it comes to my stamina.

I don’t mind running up the mezzanine floor a couple times a day since it allows me to do a bit of extra exercise while at work, but I do admit that running has never been my strong suit.

Since running is quickly gaining momentum as one of the most popular sports of this year, I have decided to put together a short how to guide for those who are still quite new to it.

Many people will tell you that running for sport and health is as easy as going out of the house and to just start running.

But the truth is that simply going out to run without any preparation is an easy way to get injured.

You need to approach running with a bit of preparation, just like any other sport.

Take it slowly, and listen to your body, especially if you have knee problems that will require you to do low impact exercises first.

Get the Right Equipment

Running Shoe 1The most important equipment that you will use for running are running shoes.

Make sure that you buy running shoes that are suitable for the terrain that you plan on traversing.

Running shoes for the pavement is of course different from running shoes that are meant to be used on dirt tracks.

Your shoes should be snug and fit well without pinching or rubbing. Wear thick athletic socks.

You will also need some kind of running attire, such as running shorts and a good t-shirt.

You should also pack a bottle of water whenever you run, and maybe a small towel for your sweat.

Never leave your home without a bottle of water in hand to prevent dehydration.

Learn good running techniques

Running FormYou may need some help with this from either a trainer or a friend who is an experienced runner.

Good form of course is a learned skill, so you will need someone to correct your form as you run.

It may be a good idea to run with someone who is more experienced than you, to correct you on your form.

It is difficult to keep form once fatigue sets in so have someone check for you.

You will also need to master breathing techniques, so that you get enough oxygen while you are running.

Start slow


The best way to start running would be to start slow. Stretch and warm up by walking the first couple minutes, followed by jogging.

Alternate between walking and jogging as needed, until you are ready for short sprints.

Start running three times a week, eventually moving it up to five times a week, and then daily once you have the stamina for it.

You will also want to increase the time spent running, while decreasing the time spent walking.

This way, you will improve your stamina and build up your leg muscles for running longer distances.

How To Develop Healthy Habits

Developing healthy habits is easier said than done. We all know that it is for the better but many of us find it so difficult.

It is even difficult for us to make healthy changes last.

This can be because change is realistically difficult and most of the time we always think that there is always another day for that goal or we think that we’re not yet overweight or out-of-shape.


It is our behavior and negative reactions to change that keep us from not being able to sustain doing healthy changes in our lives. Although, making healthy changes come with difficulties yet it is very possible.

Here are in fact some of the best ways to develop long term healthy habits:

Set Realistic Goals

Quit-Smoking-CigarettesQuitting cigarette smoking, refraining from alcohol, getting regular exercise, eating healthy and losing weight are the most common fitness goals or New Year’s resolutions of many people.

But how many of us have sustained those goals? It is easy for us to give up once we find and experience something inconvenient.

We also tend to give up once we get frustrated of the results of our efforts. This can be because individuals set unrealistic goals.

Hence, no matter what your fitness goals are make sure to set realistic goals. You need to define your goals and accompany it with a solid plan as to how to reach that goal.

Start with smaller goals like losing five pounds every month for six months. Take it slowly but surely and avoid taking giant leaps.

Remember there is no shortcut to optimum health and fitness. Make the change an important part of your daily life as this will make it your second nature.

Develop An Action Plan

Think of what you can do to lose weight and list them down and make sure to stick to it.

200903051329230.jogging_lauftrainingFor example, you may plan to take a jog or walk every day to burn excess calories, avoid buying junk foods or fast foods, keep a record of the foods that you eat and monitor your weight.

All of these small specific steps can help you meet your larger fitness goals. Be always clear and specific with your goals plus stick with your action plan.

Of course, you will also need to be prepared that there will be challenges along the way. Moreover, think of the reason why you want to make changes in your lifestyle.

Your goals should be something that you want for yourself as it will have a great meaning for you and you will likely sustain it.

Whether it is quitting smoking, reducing stress, eating a well balanced diet or engaging in outdoor physical activities, these small healthy changes in your lifestyle can really enhance your life.

You will be able to fight off diseases, strengthen your immune system and reduce your risks for heart disease, stroke, cancer and early death.

Set Up A Supportive Environment

Creating an environment that supports your actions and goals is one of the keys towards achieving success.

If you want to eat healthier and safer then throw away those unhealthy, comfort foods or junk foods and replace them with healthy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Having the right equipment and clothing can facilitate and provide your needs for your physical activities.


If you want to cut back on alcohol then get rid of those alcoholic drinks in your fridge and throw those lighters, cigarettes and ash trays away if you want to quit smoking.

It is always best to eradicate all temptations and things that might hinder you from sticking to your goals.

Sometimes you also need to be creative; you can get a bespoke kitchen that you really enjoy cooking in so as to be motivated to prepare healthy meals and start having a healthy diet.

You can also get social support from your family and friends. Tell them to remind you to stick with your goals.

Do fun active outdoor activities together as this will help you reach and sustain your fitness goals.


Set Plan Of Action In Motion And Stay Committed

It takes continued commitment and discipline to sustain a change in lifestyle.

Health coaching, mobile apps, social support, supportive environment and clear goals are very useful in helping individuals focus, engage in healthy behaviours, make self monitoring convenient as well as stay committed to their health and fitness goals.

There are times that you might feel unmotivated. When this happens, simply recall your reasons and the importance of the change in your life.

This will help you feel motivated to get back on track.

Healthy changes are vital. Any small improvement can go a long way in making your life healthier and happier.

How I Keep Myself Healthy and How You Can Too

healthy-and-fit-imageOkay so let’s talk about me for a second. I wasn’t always living a healthy lifestyle…

for the longest time I sat at my desk all day working, and then when I got home I would go to couch potato mode, sitting in front of my telly and eating unhealthy suppers because I was too lazy or too tired (or even both) to cook.

I was always sitting and it was really bad for my health… After all I worked long hours and with no physical activity, or not much at all of it, you can imagine just how unhealthy I became.

At one point I got hurt and had to file a claim for an injury to my back. After that I just ended up realising that I really had to start taking better care of myself and my health–after all life is short and I would not want to make it any shorter.

Meanwhile here is a video about How to Live With a Healthy Body and Mind:

So I changed my lifestyle and started working on getting myself healthier. If you are interested in doing it too…here’s my story. Maybe some of it can help you change your own life.

These days I use my bike more than my car. Of course aside from the numerous health benefits you’ll get from riding your bike instead of your car, there’s the added bonus too of saving you tons of money on petrol and car maintenance.


I’ve had such a big difference in my monthly budget that I have been able to add to my savings significantly. I was even able to pay off a credit card debt completely, which really lessened my stress levels a lot!

Stand While You Work
So I was reading about how bad always sitting is for your body. There was even a mention of how if you sit all the time you are at a higher risk of developing heart problems. And I don’t want heart problems.


So to lessen the time I spend on my bottom and increase the time I spend on my feet, I actually converted my work desk into a standing desk. Now I stand while I work. It keeps your metabolism up and at the same time keeps you engaging your muscles. Burns more calories!

Some people think that yoga is just for “health freaks”. This is a negative connotation I don’t really like, especially since I really saw the difference in my over all health after I tried yoga.


What’s wrong with being healthy anyway, or even just being concerned with your own health and well-being? For all those people out there who say it’s just for health freaks…don’t knock it till you try it!

Balanced Diet
I’ve quit sitting on my couch and eating crisps and unhealthy food when I get home from work. These days I prepare my meals–I found out that the internet has a wealth of information that it puts available right at our fingertips.


Why not take advantage? I found many easy recipes, healthy too. So can you!

Wellness Activities for Men


Health and wellness usually go hand in hand. In fact, men of all ages can benefit from some great activities that promote wellness, relaxation, and a healthy mind and body. I know for a fact that the wellness industry, especially spas and other activities tend to be focused on women and beauty.


However, I believe that men deserve some pampering and relaxation too. In fact, I also believe that there is nothing wrong with a bit of pampering and beautification, as long as it is something that you are comfortable with.


After all, men care about their looks and hygiene as well, so there is no shame in wanting to try out certain wellness activities yourself.


If you are looking for some great wellness activities, just keep on reading.


1. Massage


Massage parlours are quite popular and they are some of the best ways for a man to unwind and relax, especially after working out or after spending the whole day at work.

There are many different kinds of massage styles available, from Swedish massage, to Thai massage, and to more modern fusion styles. Massages help promote healing and blood flow by manipulating the muscle tissue.


2. Acupuncture


I once visited a Leeds acupuncture treatment clinic, and it was an amazingly relaxing experience. Many people tend to be a bit intimidated by acupuncture because of its use of needles, but it is actually a very relaxing and unique experience.

It is great for relieving pain in various parts of the body, and can help you collect your thoughts.


3. Hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy can range from hot spa baths, to sauna, to acupressure activities. Using the healing properties of water, hydrotherapy can relieve aches and pains and improve blood flow. They can also soften the skin and aid in the healing process of various skin problems.

Hot spa baths and hot spring baths use heated water, often mixed with bath salts or natural minerals from the springs to bring about feelings of wellness.

Saunas help you control your blood pressure and help you clear out any toxins in your body. Lastly, acupressure have the same benefits of massage, but using jets of water instead of a masseuse.


4. Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is wonderful for men of all ages, but it seems that this activity in particular has a stigma for being “too feminine”. However, aromatherapy has the same benefits no matter who tries it.

It helps in relaxation, breathing, and depending on the scent that you use, helps open up clogged sinuses and airways.

The key to aromatherapy is to choose a scent that you enjoy. Scents that are popular with men include eucalyptus, peppermint, cinnamon, and sandalwood.


Meanwhile, Here is 15 minute at home workout without weights:

Other “masculine” aromatherapy oils include cypress, oak moss, patchouli, black pepper, and vanilla. However, you are the only one who can choose what scent you enjoy. Whether you want deep, musky scents or light, floral bouquets, aromatherapy should be all about you.

And that is my article about men’s wellness activities. Feel free to try them for yourself and open up a whole new world of relaxation.